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Public Secondary Education in the municipality of Valenzuela saw the first light of day in 1968. This year too, when the Maysan Barrio Council, upon the prompting and initiative of then Mayor Geronimo S. Angeles, made a big educational leap in establishing the Maysan Barrio High School.

Then, in June of the following year, the barrio councils of Marulas, Malinta, Gen. T. de Leon, and Polo followed suit in establishing their own barrio high schools situated in their own barrio: the Marulas Barrio High School; the Malinta Barrio High School; the Gen. T. de Leon Barrio High School; and the Polo Barrio High School.

On August 12, 1969, by virtue of Municipal Ordinance No. 99, all the barrio high schools were absorbed by the Municipality and converted into Municipal High School. Mrs. Josefina A. Lizaso was thereupon assigned as the first Principal of the Municipal High School by the then Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Felicitas Bernardino. Mrs. Lizaso held office at Polo, which became the main school of the Municipal High School with annexes in Malinta, Maysan, Marulas, and Gen T. de Leon.

On the second year of its operation, Valenzuela Municipal High School transferred its main office to the former Marulas Elementary School – Matadero Annex. Because of growing school population and to accommodate a bigger number of students, the Municipality opened up three additional annexes: Lawang Bato Annex (1970); Canumay Annex (1970); and Caruhatan Annex (1972).

In 1975 when the second principal of Valenzuela Municipal High School, Mrs. Filipina M. Tetangco, assumed and held office at the Marulas Annex, the annex virtually became in turn the main school. In that year, the position of Assistant Principal was created and subsequently occupied by Mrs. Saturnina R. Bulan. The Municipality later on converted the position of Officer-In-Charge (OIC) of each annex to Secondary School Head.

In 1984, Gen. T. de Leon Annex formerly located in the compound of Gen. T. de Leon Elementary School transferred to Tañada Subdivision in Gen. T. de Leon, while in 1985, Polo Annex moved from Palasan to Pio Valenzuela Elementary School compound. Canumay Annex formerly located in Canumay Elementary School compound acquired adjacent to the elementary school a new school site of its own in 1986. Malinta Annex and Caruhatan Annex continued educating the youth in the compounds of Malinta Elementary School and Caruhatan West Elementary School, respectively.

Later on, however, in 1998 Malinta Annex moved to a school site beside Saint Jude Academy, which was acquired by the municipality of Valenzuela. Caruhatan Annex subsequently acquired the title to its permanent site, formerly owned by the Caruhatan West Elementary School.

Later on, however, in 1998 Malinta Annex moved to a school site beside Saint Jude Academy, which was acquired by the municipality of Valenzuela. Caruhatan Annex subsequently acquired the title to its permanent site, formerly owned by the Caruhatan West Elementary School.

On January 1, 1988 in compliance with R.A No. 6655, the Valenzuela Municipal High School, as other municipal high schools in the country, was nationalized, that is controlled and supervised by the national government instead of by individual municipalities. Thus, Valenzuela Municipal High school became a national high school, the Valenzuela National High School.

Meanwhile, the principalship of Valenzuela National High school changed hands when in May of 1989 its second principal Mrs. Filipina M. Tetangco retired from the service. Dr. Joel T. San Luis, principal of Bagong Silang National High School became the third principal of Valenzuela National High School. When Dr. San Luis took a leave of absence for three and a half years, the then Assistant Principal Mrs. Saturnina R. Bulan took over as Officer-In-Charge. Dr. San Luis returned to duty on June 10, 1993.

To cater to the educational needs of the youth in other places in Valenzuela, the Parada Extension and the Pasolo Extension of Valenzuela National High School were created in 1994. However, when the Dalandanan Extension opened in 1995, it took and absorbed the students and teachers of Pasolo Extension.

When in the school year 1996 –1997, the Municipality of Valenzuela felt the need to serve better the youth with excellent Mathematics and Science talents, the principal Dr. San Luis and Honorable Mayor Jose Emmanuel L. Carlos decided to organize, establish and open the Science- Oriented Experimental Class (SOEC), its students enjoying full financial support from the Municipality.

The SOEC, housed in Valenzuela National High School- Marulas Main, had its last batch of graduates in 2006.

In 1998, all the school annexes of Valenzuela National High School became independent national high schools through the efforts of their school heads who became principals upon their schools’ independence and nationalization. Parada Extension and Dalandanan Extension were Left as the extensions of Valenzuela National High School until they became independent national high schools in S.Y 2000-2001.

The year 2000, the start of the third millennium, marked a significant turning point for Valenzuela National High School when its third principal Dr. Joel T. San Luis was promoted and transferred to the Division of City Schools – Quezon City as an Assistant Division Superintendent.

On November 28, 2004, Valenzuela National High School had its fifth principal Dr. Margarito B. Materum, former principal of Dalandanan National High School, when Mrs. Madarang was transferred to Dalandanan National High School.

In school year 2006-2007, Valenzuela City Science and Mapulang Lupa Annex became independent schools followed by Punturin and Bignay Annexes which also became independent schools the following School year.

School year 2007-2008, the former Arkong Bato Annex of Polo National High School was annexed to Valenzuela National High School.

June of School year 2008-2009 and of school year 2009 – 2010, Canumay East and Wawangpulo annexes were opened, respectively. 

July of school year 2009-2010, Arkong Bato Annex became independent and January of school year 2010-2011, Canumay East was separated into a national independent school. Likewise, Special Education Classes for exceptionalities and visual impairment, autism, mental retardation and learning disabilities, and Science and Technology Oriented Classes (STOC) now Science and Technology Engineering Program (STEP) were created in compliance to DepEd Order No. 41, s.2004.

It was school year 2012-2013, when the Department of Education (DepEd) implemented the enhanced K to 12 (Kindergarten to Grade 12) Basic Education Program, adding up two more years to the current 10-year basic education curriculum.

On December 9, 2013, Dr. Margarito B. Materum was transferred to the Division of Parañaque City as OIC Asst. Schools Division Superintendent, and Mrs. Florence M. Daco was designated as Officer-in-Charge of the school until January 29, 2014.

January 30, 2014, the school’s 6th principal Mr. Filmore R. Caballero, former principal of Vicente P. Trinidad National High in Punturin, Valenzuela City was designated by Mr. Wilfredo E. Cabral, the Schools Division Superintendent.

School year 2015-2016, the First Batch of K to 12 Program received their Certificate of Completion in Junior High School as they moved up to Senior High School (SHS).

A year after, school year 2017-2018, the Department of Education permitted Valenzuela National High School to open Senior High with three strands such as: Accountancy Business and Management (ABM); Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM); and Technical Vocational (Cookery NC2), and (Computer Systems Servicing NC2).

School year 2019-2020, another strand, Humanities and Social Sciences had opened.

Currently, Valenzuela National High School (VNHS) with a colloquial name ValNat is working with its mantra “Learn Life @ ValNat, your gateway to quality life.”